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    Train yourself, where you want, whenever you want

    An online registration, at any time of the year, with no diploma requirement.

    Access to the educational platform for 18 months, 100% online and available 24/7  from a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

    Over 500 hours of instructional videos that covers more than 70 recipes of the French patisserie classics.

    Standard programs to help you organize your work. 2 recipes per week, you will have to approximately count a minimum of 6 months training.

    Chef support with Q&A, grading, and individualized constructive feedback*

    A possible termination throughout the course.**

    Payment in several installments with no additional fees.


    * included only in the “complete package” ** Under certain conditions

    A program in accordance with the French education

    + 70 recipes in instructional videos to learn all the secrets of French pastry.

    + 70 Step-by-step data sheets to prepare for the Smart Digital EISF Certificate* and have your skills confirmed

    + 6-month or 12-month programs to prepare yourself at your own pace.

    + All the theoretical courses to understand the practical work.

    + Professional techniques, master the professional gestures and basic pastry techniques.


    * included only in the “complete package”.

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    World-class online education

    The excellence of the EISF online support

    EISF has chosen to surround itself with the best chefs to provide you with the best training possible.

    It’s not enough to have a diploma in Pastry, or even to be a Chef to be an instructor.

    The EISF tutors all have a long experience in professional training in schools like FERRANDI or EBP.

    This double competence assures you a quality support, in accordance with the requirements of the profession and of our final exam.

    You keep the same tutor for the whole duration of the training.

    You know him, he knows you. You progress together.

    included only in the “complete package”.

    A user-friendly and easy-to-use educational platform

    Rest assured! You don’t need to be a computer expert to quickly and easily learn the learning platform.

    Your workspace is a user-friendly training space that adapts to your learning methods.

    In one click, you can find your courses, your videos, your progress, and the follow-up of your tutor.

    In one click, you can participate in the workgroup discussions and the learners’ blogs.

    In one click, you can download and print all the recipes.

    An educational platform is an online space that brings together classrooms, practical laboratories, the library and the cafeteria. Your entire school on your screen!

    To guarantee you the best training, EISF has chosen the best partner, the American firm Cornerstone. Recognized for the efficient development of its solutions, Cornerstone allows us to evolve within a vast, efficient and flexible workspace.

    The EISF Digital Smart Certificate

     The Smart Digital EISF Certificate is issued upon your success of the annual exam, something we are confident can be easily accomplished, as we will set you up for success in this course. Leave it to us to get you inspired and baking. We support you the whole way through!

    Twice a year, the dates will be communicated to the student once registered to the course. *

    * Included only in the « complete package ».

    You will have a practical exam of 6 hours and a theoretical exam of 45 minutes, graded on a total score of 20, and your grade achievement will be stated on your certificate.

    • Basic: grade between 10 to 12 
    • Proficient: 13 to 16 
    • Advanced: 17 to 20

    Show off your success with your certificate!

    Upon the successful completion of your pastry course and exam, you will receive a secure, certified, digital version of your certificate to share with recruiters, employers, and professional and personal networks. 

     With your Smart Certificate, you will be able:

    • Receive instant access to verified digital credentials.
    • Store credentials in a secure, web-based platform.
    • Share credentials across social networks, such as LinkedIn, and via email.
    • Prevent fraud and make having additional copies of certificates easier and more accessible.

    The pastry chef's equipment

    Your professional equipment

    You’re working at home, but in a professional manner! 

          Utensils:       Professional outfit :
    • 1 chefs knife 
    • 1 chef’s jacket
    • 1 peeler
    • 1 professional apron
    • 1 utility knife 10cm 
    • 1 chef’s hat
    • 1 stainless steel triangle 10cm 
    • 1 pair of chef’s pants
    • 1 stainless steel blade spatula 17cm 
    • 1 pair of non-slip safety shoes
    • 1 stainless steel blade spatula 23cm 
    • 1 saw knife
          Recommended kitchen equipment :
    • 1 plastic spatula 22cm 
    • A mixer equiped with a whisk, hook & flatbeater
    • 1 plastic spatula 28cm 
    • An electronic food scale
    • 1 whisk
    • 1 tart ring Ø22cm
    • 1 plastic spoon spatula 
    • 1 stainless steel cake ring Ø16cm
    • 1 dough scraper 
    • 1 stainless steel cake ring Ø18cm
    • 1 electronic thermometer 
    • 1 square cake ring (25cmx25cm)
    • 1 set of plain nozzles 
    • 1 removable bottom cake mold Ø22cm
    • disposable pastry piping bags
    • 1 parisian brioche mold of 14cm long 5cm high
    • 1 pastry brush
    • 5 small Parisian brioche molds
    • 2 plastic pastry scrappers
    • 1 brioche nanterre mold (or cake mold)
    • 1 french rolling pin
    • 8 baba molds Ø4cm and 6cm high
    • 1 pair of scissors
    • 8 savarin (cork) molds Ø8cm and 1.8cm high
    • 1 pair of pastry crimpers
    • 1 round cake mold Ø20cm
    • 1 flour sifter
    • financier or muffin molds
    • 1 culinary torch
    • madeleine molds


    Pricing options

    Pricing options 2023

    1800€* 3600€*
    18 months access 100% online and available 24/7 18 months access 100% online and available 24/7
    All the professional theory: courses, trivia quizzes All the professional theory: courses, trivia quizzes
    All the professional practical work :
    recipe sheets, step-by-step and instructional videos
    All the professional practical work :
    recipe sheets, step-by-step and instructional videos
    Technical assistance Technical assistance
    Internal student community Internal student community
    Certificate upon completion Mock exams via the platform
    Smart Digital EISF Certificate
    Personalized follow-up with the same experienced instructor

    * Make easy monthly payments over 3, 6, 12 or 18 months 


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